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Jan 1, 2013 4:30pm PST
with the youth commission and the ssc, muni has passed it and lastly our new representative from ida b. wells, representative at the community tasting and thought that the food was much better and more healthy and we support revolutionary foods for the bid. >> we also recently met with and gave recommendations to associate superintendent janet schultz on how to assist with outreach at the community meetings that the sfusd helps families understand the a-g requirements. we have an announcement. we will be giftwraping for donations at the dsw on 400 post street to compensate for some of the money that the ssc program lost because of budget cuts. so please come and support us december 22-23. >> thank you megan and windy. december 22 and 23 where again? >> dsw at 400 post street. the entrance is on powell. >> what is going on those two days? >> we're just having a >> giftwraping. >> if i may, president yee, i wanted to ask sac if you could help us bet the word out about the free muni applications and perhaps work together with janet schultz and the other associate superintendents about ho
Jan 1, 2013 8:30pm PST
for our members as well, please, i hope you can join us and then lastly, i wanted to announce that our bat exhibit will be closing on january 6, this is in the interior of the pachyderm building and was highlighted some of the conservation crisis facing our bats but that will be replaced by a dinosaur exhibit on valentine's day, so treat your sweetheart with a dinosaur or two on february 14th and that will be running until the summer, and with that, i finish my report. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, this was discussion only. >> thank you. >> we are now on item 7, a gift acceptance from the san francisco parks alliance. >> good morning, commissioners and happy holidays, bob palacio, san francisco recreation services. the item before you is a possible action item to retroactively accept a gift from the san francisco parks alliance in the amount of 65 thousand 205 dollars and 36 cents for the basketball program, just some background on the program, the association of basketball programs, anblp serves character t
Jan 1, 2013 9:30pm PST
to you. and lastly, and then i will be quiet and listen to all your input. is to the degree you would want to have the controller's office present and you to give your remarks on your vision of how our report card that was recently adopted as the rate payor insurance policy, how you as a commission would like to see that developed and independently reviewed and assessed by the controller's office. with that i will listen and thank you for your comments. >> no changes to the budget schedule? >> no changes, and we are on track to meet all of those. >> all right, mr. moran. >> thank you, mr. president. this is going to be interesting. we never had a two-year budget before. we never had the option of not going through the budget line by line, the way we do. which is kind of exciting. and what you would like to do -- i tell you what my two interests are in that kind of unburdened review. first is to take a fairly high-level look at what the -- i think of it as the business plan for the three enterprises, and expressed in the capital program. and for each there are changes that we need to t
Jan 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
to the public first, and it is completed lastly at the polo fields. and then the fencing is torn down there. during the event build and the event tear down, where possible, we do leave holes in the fencing and passage ways in the fencing to allow people to use the meadows that are safe for them to [speaker not understood] and the pathways that are safe for them to be in. the reality is that there is some restricted access to the park. we work diligently each year to minimize that. we have heard some concerns that the fencing was up perhaps a little bit longer than some community residents would have liked this year. we've worked to identify if there were any problems and we have flagged this as an issue that we will continue to pay attention to a we move forward each year to ensure that the access to the site is as robust as possible. >> thank you. given this item does not have a budget analyst report, there are no questions at this time, i'd like to open the item up for public comment. i do have a number of speaker cards. i will be calling your name. if you hear your name, please do line u
Jan 2, 2013 10:00am PST
receive the lawsuit. and lastly, we of the bar association and their resources. they're providing their legal service for you. this last thing i am going to share with you in terms of what we have seen in our office is that with the individuals, that does not necessarily mean an individual will follow up with a lawsuit. what we've seen in our office is the individual's will send you a letter and say there were compile -- compliance issues. where people get in trouble is they ignore the letter. we need to make sure it that your pro-active and responsive. when a business receives a letter, they need to contact our office. the merchants of been very proactive -- have been very pro- active. the businesses that have received a letter and passed an inspection after receiving the letter have staved off a lawsuit. the cap inspection is a very good risk management tool. often it is not as durable as you may think it to be. our office is there for you as our resources. we are able to provide our services, follow-up questions in english, spanish, cantonese, and mandarin. and then -- and then
Jan 2, 2013 1:30am PST
. lastly, i'd like to request for consideration of this artificial deadline of february 4th. i understand time and cost and a lot of things involved in making this very important decision. but the community dialogue, the community planning process has just started. i know the project has been kind of going on for 20-year, but the north beach process started half a year. we barely started and i'm getting into it. i think we have a deadline of february 1st to make this kind of decisions. i think i'm very troubled by it. i'd like to request that the resolution be amended to reflect a date that gives more time for the community to be involved. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> [speaker not understood] smith, eric scott, julie christian son. >> good afternoon, mr. [speaker not understood]. nice to see you. >>> mr. chairman, director rifkin, thank you, and members. thank you for the seeking additional opinion and reach a resident opinion. my name is rod [speaker not understood]. i'm not here as a past president of the hill dwellers. i divert from the hill dweller's review on this one. n
Jan 1, 2013 9:30pm PST
it, empowering young people to do something about it when they spot it. lastly, the partners recently announced a stop bullying video challenge where we are bringing together psa's that highlight what's happening by young people and want to give awards and celebrate that. and, as i mentioned earlier, the grants, the money, the department of education has issued 11 grants to schools. we need more, we will see as budget proposals the president's and the secretary's real commitment to this to ensure that we have some resources for innovative programs that are happening across the country for those local programs that are really changing the way their schools function and their communities see their schools and promoting those and scaling them up. >> very quickly because i know we want to move on, the attorney general launched a defending childhood initiative, i know there's a lot of philanthropy in the room, we want to work in partnership to find those innovative programs. there was a jurisdiction in north dakota that got a grant to implement some of the restoretive justice programs, t
Jan 2, 2013 8:00am PST
in an election in which mitt romney complained it was used as an issue against him. >> lastly, really quick before we go, real quick, ed markey, your colleague, can he beat scott brown? >> i think so, and the issue is this, in 2010, scott brown was a very decent guy, but a member of this very right-wing party. he's got this problem in massachusetts, especially since in 2010 it was his election that really harolderalded a lot of problems for president obama. massachusetts vote ed overwhel overwhelmingly for president obama. running as a representative for the republican party in the senate to ask for a repudiation of barack obama is a problem. >> going to be fascinating. >> this is not just ed markey on the ballot. this is president obama and ed markey, and i think the people of massachusetts are unlikely to, in effect, reverse their vote of just a couple months ago. >> it's an all boston college race with scott brown and ed markey, the school you represented for over, i believe, 30 years. >> 32. >> thanks for being on the show. we appreciate it. >> thank you, luke. >>> we'll be right back h
Jan 2, 2013 11:00am EST
whatever it is that you don't want to do. >> why do you think, lastly, people are unable to stick with those resolutions? >> i think they don't give it enough time, first of all and habits take a long time to change so you really want to stick with it over a sustained period of time. some people have a hard time even getting out of the galt and i think it's because, obviously, these things are hard to do. if it were not hard to do we'd all be doing them and they wouldn't have to be new year's resolutions. >> we'd all be perfect. we can start by practice what can we preach in 2013. thank you, doctor. >> thanks, keith. >>> big gains on wall street. we'll check in with cnbc courtney regan. she has more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. hi, courtney. >> reporter: good morning. stocks are soaring on this live there deal, markets reassured by the uncertainty that's no dissipating. the dow is up about 230 points and a percentage basis, tech-heavy nasdaq is leading the gains with the best inter day gain in six months. the first trading day of the year does seem to be a
Jan 2, 2013 1:00pm EST
would line the desert with directional ar o'o's saying -- arrows saying this way to tehran. now, lastly, and i'm running out of time, i hope perhaps you'll resist from applauding at the six-minute mark or at least the 60% of who you are sympathetic to our view. [laughter] drown out the others. is that this is a regime that has threatened to anye light israel and expressed -- annihilate israel and has expressed its intention to do so. we have to rely on deterrence because it worked in the cold war. the cold war was radically different. the soviets had an ideological argument with the united states. it was not ex stention. and the target. united states was a continental nation of great size. israel is a one-bomb country. [applause] that's a very strong 27th -- 27%. i commend you on your energy. i will stop here and say there's a radical difference between the soviet-u.s. relationship and the relationship with israel and iran and you will not ask six million jews in israel to rely for their existence on deterrence in this kind of situation. thank you very much. [applause] >> if it makes yo
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)